In the below talk you will hear from 5 expert speakers on the subject of the affordability of organic food, and the policy commitments required to make it accessible to all.

Organic food that is good for health, for the planet and affordable for all hits a number of health and climate targets that the UK is committed to. However, policy commitments that would enable everyone, regardless of their income level, to access climate-friendly fruit and vegetables, don’t follow through.

What is Bridging the Gap, how is it addressing these issues and what are the six areas of focus it is using as a starting point?

Our speakers:

1. Sarah Williams, Sustain, Programmes Director – Chair

2. Julie Brown, Growing Communities, Director

3. Katie Palmer, Food Sense Wales, Programme Manager

4. Jonathan Pauling, Alexandra Rose Charity, Chief Executive

5. Sarah Compson, Soil Association, Associate Director, Standards Innovation